Do Open Houses Sell Homes?

A question that I am asked at nearly every appointment I go to is, “What about Open Houses?” The truth according to the National Association of Realtors is that less than 1% of homes sell as a result of Open Houses. In past articles, I have provided the statistics on Open Houses, but there are benefits that go beyond the home selling that day.

Company’s coming! What do you do when you know you are going to have guest for the day? You start thinking in terms of clean and you do some of the things you have put off, like painting the water stain in your ceiling or cleaning out cabinets. You want to sparkle for your friends and family. It’s the same way people plan for Open Houses. If your home has been on the market for a month or so the routine has started to get old. Everyday you wonder if guest are coming. Knowing that guest are coming gives you the extra motivation to make the best presentation.

Besides creating a cleaning frenzy, Open Houses create an opportunity for your agent to promote your home in different sites that give you broader exposure.,,Trulia and Zillow plus the agents own web site are a few. The Patch will also let you post Open Houses and we will of course provide links in this weekly article to any Open Houses that are sent to us. Facebook and Twitter also give you additional opportunities to be viewed.

Open Houses may create a sense of urgency for the buyer who looks at your home during the week. They may choose to write an offer and not take the chance that your home will be sold as a result of an Open House. This has happened to many of my listings.

Traffic at Open Houses is unpredictable. You can have it advertised everywhere possible and you can have no one come. A Falcons game, a holiday can result in no traffic. A pretty day or a rainy day, it is hard to predict, but do not despair if you have no one. Your home will still get the added exposure and buyers may drive by, take a brochure, and have their agent show them on another day. People worry about neighbors coming but I say get everyone with a mouth into your home.They can tell friends, co-workers or family about the great home they saw.

Some people just do not like Open Houses. That is fine as well. With 90% of buyers going to the internet before they visit a home you can be assured that many potential buyers have visited your home on the internet before they come through your door.